If you are fond of cooking and searching for the recipes online then instead of wasting your time in doing research, just download this mobile app from where you can see various recipes without making any effort and without wasting your time. All you have to download the mobile app and write the dish in the search bar and click on the search button and see the recipe. Here you can get every information about the recipe as well as information regarding the cooking skills. The Epicurious mobile app is featured with the added features and has the simple yet fresh interface which has 10 million downloads.


The Epicurious app compiles all the recipes at one place present at various websites where you can find the recipes related to the Bon Appetit, Gourmet, and other related recipes. All you have to search for the recipe using category including the main ingredient, kid friendly, and recipes for every occasion. Here in this app, you can see the written text of the recipe which comes with the photos and ingredients as well as it will tell you the directions as well. You can find any of your liked recipes as well as you can add your favorite recipe which you can use it in your future.

In this app, you are going to see the grocery list as well for each recipe where you can check the list of various ingredients. This app is also featured with the smart timer which will ring when your food item cooked in order to prevent your meal from overcooked or from the undercooked. This app will give you the instructions to cook chicken, to bake a cake, and to cook broccoli. All you have to set the timer on gas range which will be going to give you the indication or the notification whenever your dish gets completed.

Pros and Cons


  • The Epicurious mobile app is featured with the compiled grocery list.
  • You will see the smart timer also present in this app which will prevent your cooked item from getting overcooked or from the undercooked.
  • You will find various recipes present in this app from where you can choose any of the best recipes.


  • You will not be going to watch any of the video tutorials.
  • This app supports Banner advertisements.
  • The user cannot access the online recipe directly from the app.

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